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Mastermind Mechanical LLC warrants that materials to be used are of good quality. Mastermind Mechanical LLC will maintain all manufacturer warranties for defects in the manufacturer of equipment, components, and materials. All Mastermind Mechanical’s warranties are limited to a period of one-year parts and labor. Mastermind Mechanical LLC warranties are limited to the cost of labor and materials only and excludes ordinary wear and tear or abuse by others. Any homeowners warranty services are excluded from Mastermind Mechanical LLC warranty coverage.

The following items are excluded from any Mastermind Mechanical LLC warranty unless otherwise noted in the invoice or quote/estimates. In the event of any unforeseen problems occur, additional charges may apply.

  • Condensate drain line
  • Freon Line-set
  • Incoming power
  • Duct work
  • Thermostat wires

Completion of service

Upon the completion of the HVAC/R services by Mastermind Mechanical LLC, Mastermind Mechanical LLC shall see to it that the customers property is restored to the condition they were in prior to the entry by Mastermind Mechanical LLC, and Mastermind Mechanical LLC shall see to it that all portions used by Mastermind Mechanical LLC during the terms of this service shall be broom clean and free of debris.

Insurance Coverage

Mastermind Mechanical LLC shall Maintain general liability, and bond insurance at all times.

Site Conditions

The customer acknowledges that conditions which could not be known by a reasonable inspection, such as termite damage, hidden water damage, hidden code violation, or other concealed conditions, may require extra labor or materials, which are not part of the agreed service. If such hidden conditions are discovered, Mastermind Mechanical LLC will notify the customer and will attempt to reach an agreement for a change order to the service that addresses those problems.


Payment shall be made to Mastermind Mechanical LLC in the full invoice amount upon completion of the service or repair. If any invoice is not paid in full when due, Mastermind Mechanical LLC has the right to seek legal remedies. Mastermind Mechanical LLC has the right to collect half of the total amount before starting any repairs. Mastermind Mechanical LLC shall charge $49 penalty on all bounced checks.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance shall not be considered as a repair, it is performed to clean and maintain HVAC/R units to prolong the life of the equipment. Mastermind Mechanical LLC shall not be held liable for any problems that occur after performing preventive maintenance. Mastermind Mechanical LLC shall inform the customer if and when a problem is found during a preventive maintenance.


The customer will allow free access to work areas for workers and vehicles and will allow areas for the storage of materials and debris. Driveways will be kept clear for the movement of vehicles during work hours. Mastermind Mechanical LLC will make sure reasonable efforts are taken to protect driveways, lawns, shrubs, and other vegetation.

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